Monday, May 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich uses Twitter

In this clip (go to 3:16) on the Daily Show Jon Stewart brings up that Newt Gingrich announced his candidacy for 2012 elections via Twitter. He makes fun of the fact that this candidate is older and is trying to use all these new media sources to gain popularity with the younger generation. He questions why he is ditching television and newspaper and the first time he announces his candidacy is on a tweet that has a link to a youtube video, and the youtube video isn't even done well.
I think its important to know your audience. I think Mr. Gingrich should have first utilized traditional media and then new media to show that traditional media is what he knows best and it is still important and then reaches out to the younger generation- and they both can be released at the same time, but traditional media is still crucial and will really die out quickly if people don't use it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tornadoes and Politics

This is a clip from the O'Reilly show- it starts off talking about the horrible damage and situation with the tornadoes and how the the government have to help but doesn't have the money to help.
He then slants this issue  from the government's  need to help them/have no money and digresses to the massive amounts of money we need to borrow daily to help repair these damages and turns it into a situation about the elections and how Obama isn't dealing with this well.
Coming off of our media bias project- this is direct media bias.
It is interesting that as elections are coming closer- people are linking anything they can to politics.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Losing Conventional Education to Newer Media

In today's world there is a loss of authenticity and importance of conventional education and communication. This speaks to the trend in education as a whole, because so many teachers that are being hired today are young teachers who are versed in new technology and television, and Internet use and promote what they are most comfortable with, and are losing the touch of the trade. 
In this article, it speaks about how cursive is slowly becoming 'extinct'. Both kids in elementary, high school  and college aged  don't remember or use cursive at all, except possibly as a signature. It is viewed as 'cryptic' and so much of older generation letters and documents are written in cursive which generations soon wont be able to decipher. With the up and coming new technology they are ignoring the importance of older communication and artistic expression through personal writing. 
In society we see education in the news everyday failings of education to inspire students and promote higher education and the battle that schools have to meet old, but much higher standards of education globally. I think that higher politicians need to make a stronger stand on the importance of more conventional communication and education. Any thoughts?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Effect of New Media outlets on Syria

Social media activist, Rami Nakhle is a wanted Syrian cyber activist. In this article, Nakhle expresses how putting his life in danger to report through new media outlets such as Facebook and Youtube is how the revolution in Syria will make a difference He desribes how it will be a long haul because they are learning new tools everyday but that Abbad is using old tools and will not be successful in the long run that way. 
Nakhle speaks about learning from the activists in Egypt and Tunisia about their failures and successes so in Syria they can be more successful with their revolution. Only just a couple months ago, we saw Egypt using Internet as their means to protest, and here Nahkle is trying to use these means to further the success of their revolt. He says, "We are playing two roles: first, to spread the news, then to influence the street. We are not leading at all, but we're trying to influence," he says....and he also explains in the article his surprise by the mass of youth supporting him and following his lead to use media outlet. Just seeing the use of media only just a couple months ago, and now and how much further it is progressing, and how much more, the people are depending on it shows how influential new media is. April 21st. 

Piracy In Somalia-civilans speaking up.

On April 14th NPR covered a three part story about Piracy in Somalia. The world sees these areas as free for all. In this article it speaks about Somlialand, part of Somalia which is one of few areas that are trying to establish a credible government. 
Here, media has depicted piracy in part 1 as a free for all and explains the audacity of the pirates to try and legitimize their actions, and interviews them etc... However, media is now starting to cover the little people as well. 
In this article they are showing a feel good story about the civilians that are trying to capture the pirates themselves and the civilians acting as policeman. Piracy effects the economics of the world, because anyone who has ships has to ensure more, and the ransoms, and ships now need to pay for security on board but yet the media is finding it equally important to cover and report the feel good stories. Media in in constant battle with reporting the news and the feel-good stories about what people want to hear and this three part report is  a direct reflection on knowing what the people want to hear and therefore reporting it. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

GOP budget plan good idea?

I was reading about the different Healthcare plans hoping to be put into action and I found the slants of different media outlets interesting. NPR was anti the republican GOP budget plan and there is a clip of senator from Arizona passionately talking about how he thinks that the rationing that is going to be involved in this is going to affect what America believes is freedom and the ability to get help when needed- he even quoted a doctor who writes for the wall street journal which i thought was a bold move because I feel the Wall-street Journal is most well respected from the general public not necessarily the extremists or polarized like we spoke about it class from either side.
On the other side Fox News and then also Glenn Beck who expanded on what they think is a great budget plan. Ryan's focus on cutting down on spending that isn't necessary but still keeping up with everything that is needed is the focus. He was saying that there needs to be cuts somewhere and has a better agenda than Obama.
I think that there is something that needs to be done and it is interesting to see the pros and cons of both budget plans and how the media perceives them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rapper running for Alderman?

One of the candidates running for alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago, Il. is a rapper by the name of Che “Rhymefest” Smith who is running against a former cop named Ald. Willie Cochran. 'Rythmfest' is publicizing himself through the media and as rapper and is trying to get his publicity by the fact that he won a Grammy for writing Kanye West song Jesus's Walk's and that is a great reason to vote for him. He is portraying himself as a celebrity. Celebrities and politicians are on different calibers. 
In this article it talks about- how being a celebrity is not the credentials that are necessary in politics. Media and how you present yourself are so important for candidates but fame through entertainment is not the type of media that should be portrayed positively in an ideal politician. 
As it says in this article:
"The candidate called for more attention on the lack of jobs and other ills facing the hardscrabble ward, all while his Grammy Award was displayed on a nearby table.
Cochran, meanwhile, said Smith's celebrity has allowed the challenger to avoid tough questions about his ability to govern.
"Of course, he's a great performer onstage, but that doesn't translate into public policy," he said.

He has high ratings in the polls and is very charistmatic but has no history at all in politics and only has a Grammy on his credentials- is this what media is portyaing as important attributes you want in a politician? 
I think society needs to reevaluate.